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Sake was a black joined Dark stallion who occupied Necromancer Sector in the Marredland for many years. He was in love with the notoriously unpleasant Stiletto, and sired at least two foals: a deformed filly, Cutlass, and a colt, Scythe.

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Viral Edit

Viral was a chestnut minimal tovero son of Chronic and Verse who ruled Serpent's Province for a long time after he murdered his sire. He had a large herd for many years and sired numerous offspring, including Martyr (who now rules the Province).



Stiletto was a black joined Dark Lipizzan mare who took up residence with Sake in Necromancer Sector in the Marredland. She was well known for her inherent nasty attitude and hatred of being loved or displaying affection. It was eventually revealed that she had born a filly named Scimitar whom she abandoned as a foal. She later bore two foals with Sake, the deformed filly Cutlass, and the colt, Scythe.