Kormada is divided up into 8 major continents and several minor landmasses. There are additional minescule islands dotting the planet. The original supercontinent, called Avia, was broken up by The Great Split. An ocean no more than 100 feet deep fills the areas between landmasses, and the continents are only short distances apart, making travel between them easy.

The OfflandEdit

The Offland is a mountainous region in the Northeastern hemisphere of Kormada. It is known for its vertical shorelines--cliffs hundreds of feet high tower over the ocean below along almost the entire perimeter of the continent. It is perhaps the safest continent, for it is home only to Lights and Neutrals. It is also the home of the sacred Weeping Towers--two identical hundred foot towers which stand side by side on its Western shore.

The Northern MainlandEdit

The Northern Mainland is a land in which survival is not always promised. It does contain some of the most beautiful land formations in the world, however. For those who claim these formations as part of their territory, life could be grand. The continent itself is not dangerous, but the herds who live there can be. It is here in which Lights will battle Lights for control over territories. Nomad's Baron, Kormada's largest individual territory, is located in the Northern Mainland.

The Northern Mainland is actually connected to the Southern Mainland by a thin area of land, but the area is so small they are considered two continents.

The Southern MainlandEdit

The Southern Mainland is a semi-glacial region partially connected to its Northern half. A long cove extends almost all the way through the land, nearly separating the two continents. Its cold, harsh environment makes survival extremely difficult. Herds who live here are often small and contain only the strongest animals.

The MarredlandEdit

The Marredland is the land from which many Darks have originated. It is a cruel, sulferous area filled with volcanic activity. Its sizzling temperatures come from beneath, not from above, for this land is almost entirely covered with a thick blanket of ash, blocking out any hope of sunlight. This land is inhabited only by Darks and Neutrals, and the occasional Rogue.

Territories: Edit

  • Ashen
  • Council Cove
  • Firey Ridge
  • Lute's Vineyards
  • Necromancer Sector
  • North Codex
  • South Codex
  • The Dead Lake
  • The Faults
  • The Vaporous Eye
  • Wraith's Gorge

The Original Maps Edit

K Map 1
K Map 2

These are the original maps drawn by Topographic back in 2006, prior to Kormada's official launch in August of 2006. Things have changed over the years as far as the placement of the continents goes, but the territories within each continent have remained the same throughout.

Alternate Maps Edit