A carnivorous creature walking on two enormous, well muscled legs, it stands around nine feet at the tip of the head. It is similar in appearance to a large bird, its beak secreting a toxic substance that paralyzes its victims but does not kill them.


A herbivore, this creature is rather small in comparison with other members of its genus, reaching a height of only about three feet. It its heavily built, lumbering around on six stubby legs, and spends most of its time browsing shrubs for food. Its vision is poor. Beware though, for when angered or startled, this animal can deliver a crippling bite.


Tending to work in packs, these four foot tall carnivores are highly intelligent, and walk on three legs. Their heads are similar to that of an armadillo, but their long necks and lean physique are covered in a thick layer of fur. They are known for surrounding their prey and their devastating ambushes.